Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Creature

Here's a real shoreline classic in a typical posture. These guys are hard to get in a frame because they're constantly in motion. I'm not sure what variety of sandpiper it is, but I'll go with the Least Sandpiper, the smallest of all the shorebirds.

UPDATE: sravana thinks it's a sanderling. Anyone else?

Have a great MLK weekend -- take it easy, stay warm and check out the Friday Ark when you have a minute.


sravana said...

I think it's a sanderling: link.

They run like clockwork, chasing the waves with their little feets in a blur.

More here.

John said...

I think it is a sanderling. What is really telling is the contrast between the white breast and grayish back, and the heavy black on the leading edge of the wing.

Least sandpiper ought to have yellow legs rather than black.

Great photo, by the way.

KeesKennis said...

Nice bird.

They are very difficult to snap, the same as woodpeckers.

Keera said...

I'm with John. After studying the photos, my vote's sanderling, too. At any rate, great picture!