Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chicken Once, Chicken Twice...

I'm going to have that earworm stuck in my head for the rest of the day (I call it an earworm, which is not always a bad thing, because this was a huge read-aloud book for me, both as a kid and as a parent -- Maurice Sendak still rocks my world).

Anyway, just in the knick of time (we were about to dig in), Dianne reminded me that I need to get into the habit of taking photos when I cook. Emmie is feeling a bit under the weather this week, so I made some soup to send to her in her dorm. Chicken soup is a remarkable thing. G-Dog and I spend a surprising amount of time talking and thinking about chicken soup... it can be just plain yummy, curative (G-Dog swears by its therapeutic value), or prophylactic (when we're feeling fine, but people all around us are falling apart). I like making it because it's a very improvisational soup. I don't use a recipe -- I cook up between 12 and 18 cups of broth and then toss in some stuff, depending on the purpose of the soup. If it's intended to comfort someone with a fever or recovering from digestive suffering, I leave it at a basic broth with a bit of chicken and starch (pasta or rice). If it's for someone who has some kind of respiratory distress, I'll ad a bit of extra onion and garlic, to help clear the head. If I'm cooking just for the sake of a good soup, I'll had fresh herbs from the herb garden (which is currently dodging the cold air in the laundry room) and some yummy fresh veggies, depending on what I have on hand. Every time I make it, it's a little bit different, but always a comfort, if I do say so myself.

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Dianne said...

Looks yummy! I love that soup is so versatile. You can shake it up each time you make it! :)