Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bit 'o Saturday fun...

Back on the lighter side of the world, here are a few amusing little tidbits I've run across recently:

Cup of Joe Powell points to a game/contest that's sweeping the blogosphere: in a nutshell, the object is to name Steven Segal's "next movie." My favorites are Joe's Steven Segal in Buffet Under Seige and Steven Segal in My Three Chins.

Shakespeare's Sister points us to a video of the "final scene from Star Wars acted out using hands." It's very clever.

And thanks to Cory at Boing Boing for directing us to this awesome photo of the inside of a grocery store (click on "all sizes" to see a bigger version). It contrasts nicely with the photo of market shelves at the end of a post from Keera titled "About writing about Norway." Small markets aren't an option for many of us in the US, but I do enjoy them when I'm in Europe -- the lighting tends to be much less harsh, there's none of that horrible piped in muzik (thank goodness for my iPod!) and I can find what I need without hiking across fifteen acres of linoleum (who the heck needs 15 different brands of kitty litter?!?).


Keera said...

Meh. What's small and pleasantly lit for you is limited choice and inadequate for me. I love American supermarkets. All that choice and you can actually find stuff (Norwegians don't believe in signs). Norway, however, isn't representative of Europe (no one country is, just like no one state is representative of the whole US). Many Norwegians wish our stores had the vast choice of produce, cheeses and other products that continental European stores have. Personally, I wish there was a Trader Joe's in town.

But I love the contrasting photos. They do make my point. :-) And having owned a cat, 15 different brands doesn't sound excessive. After all, I found at least six here in Norway.

Keera said...

Re video: Someone has too much time on their hands. HA! (You saw that one coming, right?)

The video is definitely more clever than me and my puns. I always love good choreography.