Monday, January 22, 2007

Before and After

I'm not sure this is going to work, since what you see on your monitor might not be the same as what what I see on mine. But I did take my computer upstairs and compared the "after" photo with what is actually on the walls and it looks about the same here. So, here goes.

This is the one room of the house we were really eager to repaint. Our little foursquare pretty much sticks to an historical color palette, so this room really stood out as an anomaly. The bright teal was a bit much, especially for a bedroom, so we decided to switch it to something more earthy.

(photo from a gorgeous day early in the fall, before we moved into the house)

Emmie and G-Dog were already tossing around the idea of a pumpkin-ish color when they stopped by a neighbor's house (neighbors who, btw, are derelict for not having a blog) when they were just starting to paint their dining room. Emmie and G-Dog loved the color they were using and fortunately, the neighbors generously let us crib the hue.

I maybe have to do a bit of touching up, but I think it's done for the most part.

(photo from this morning. It's a gloomy day, with less-than-optimal lighting)

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