Sunday, December 31, 2006

Letting Go of 2006...

I wanted to end the year with a whizz-bang photo from its final day, but we woke up to grey, dreary weather this morning. So, I stayed in for the most part (I only went out once, to get some games for this evening's fun with the family), and enjoyed this totally diggidy-dank house -- especially this afternoon, while it was filled with delectable aromas as G-Dog assembled his traditional nouvelle année gumbo.

As a result, instead of going out with a blaze of photographic glory, all I've got to put up here is a puddle. But perhaps a humble end will work for me this year.

Regardless, please do have a Happy New Year! Blessings, good health and happiness in 2007. Let's make this a really good one...


sandy said...

Hi Alice:

That picture is perfect for today. I am looking forward to 2007. 2006 was just awful.

I will be glad to let it go; still, I cannot go without doing something about it, so I wrote Zach tonight to express it and feel better. BTW, Congress has a new email system so we can keep in contact with our Reps. and Sens. and they can keep in contact with their constituency, yeah right. Here is my vent or letter:

Dear Congressman Wamp:

Tonight is New Year's Eve and my heart is heavy. Over this holiday season, we have seen some sad and tragic milestones: from the passing of President Ford to the execution of Saddam Hussein just prior to the Eid Holiday and now the 3000th American killed in Iraq on New Year's Eve. I hope next year, you and your colleagues will work to bring peace and our military home from Iraq.

Saddam is dead, no need for us to remain there now. It is time to focus and find the real source of 9-11: Osama bin Forgotten, oh sorry, Osama bin Laden. The war in Iraq is an utter disaster and and escalation of troops will only further weaken our military from finding the #1 Terrorist in the World: Osama bin Laden. Please I hope that next year, Congress will work in the best interest of our country and heed some of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group. Our troops deserve better than what they have been given this past year; so does our Nation and the World.

May and you your family have a Happy New Year. I look forward to your response and your action.


Sandy Lusk

Keera said...

Alice, we had about the same weather for our new year's holiday. And with what Sandy wrote, I too hope and assume that 2007 will definitely be a huge improvement on 2006.

alice said...

Thanks for checking in, Sandy! I miss you!

I also hope that 2007 proves to be an improvement politically. With the democrats at the wheel in Congress, there is reason to be hopeful!