Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Creature

Woot! I'm very happy to be finally bringing you the first of my shorebird photos from my Thanksgiving trip down to Florida. There were a few days this past week when I thought these pictures might be lost in the pool of beer that ended up in my computer on Christmas Eve, but it's all dried out now and seems none the worse for wear. Whew!

So, on with the birds. This first set was exciting to see. In the upper left corner of the shot is an American Oystercatcher. The bright red bill caught my eye and I didn't know what kind of bird I was seeing until I got home and looked it up in my Sibley Guide. I'm puzzled by the other two birds in the shot -- can anyone help me out? Are they juveniles of the same species?

Here's another view of the oystercatcher.

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Check out more critters in the next few days on the modulator's ark (boarding may be slow this week due to the fact that the modulator is someplace cool).


Keera said...

pool of beer that ended up in my computer on Christmas Eve. Don't drink and computer drive! Heh.

Anyway, I agree with the guess that the two paler birds are juveniles. Definitely oystercatchers.

sravana said...

I don't think that they are juveniles, the bills are too different. The Oystercatcher has a much more heavy-duty bill, and I don't think it's necessarily the right time of year to see juveniles.. but I could be wrong.

Why not run it by the woman who runs the birdchick blog? I bet she would know.

Oh, happy holidays and all that!

alice said...

Birdchick? Qu'est que c'est? I get a whole bunch of different hits from google...

Rurality said...

Well I had to go look at your other shorebirds after seeing the latest one! I'm fairly certain that your other two birds are Willets. If their legs are grayish, that is the clincher. (I'm on a little laptop so I can't tell for sure.)

These are some nice shorebirds pics... I've never been able to get that close to an Oystercatcher!

sravana said...

Sorry I never got back to you on the birdchick blog... this is the one I'm thinking of:

I guess the lesson is, if you want a timely answer from me, ya gotta email! (even then it's sketchy...)

alice said...

I'll check out the birdchick! Thanks. And thanks for the input, Rurality!