Thursday, November 30, 2006


OK, so I didn't mean for yesterday's post to be quite so much of a downer. Those of you who have ever spoken with me in the real world know that I'm not always all that great at thinking and talking at the same time. On paper, however, I have a tendency to overthink things (especially when I get caught up in all the fun of language). I just wanted to update you all -- I'm coping, but not feeling all that chatty yet, and I'm keeping some others, who also grieve, in my thoughts.

I really am doing fine, overall. I'm enjoying getting the house set up and hanging out with the dog. Emmie pops by on a nicely unpredictable basis. This week, we got the dog door installed and this morning I got the back yard fence up, which means I'll be able to get out of the house without worrying about coming home to puddles if I'm gone too long.

Thanks again for all your sympathy and friendship. You guys are great.


Bill said...

I didn't find it to be a downer. Your willingness to be open about loss at a time when many people would be having trouble communicating anything is admirable.

And the first sentence of that post was one of the best things I've read in a while:

"I've been trying to reenter my life this week, but so far, I'm just poking at it a lot."

I wish you the best.

annie said...


Your blog is more readable as far as I am concerned !! The usual stuff just confuses me (don't understnad your political thoughts !!)

But I REALLY understand those moments of wanting to share with Mum what people have been sharing with me about her !!!!!!!! Hey, at least I finally wrote on here !! I don't THINK that ever happened before...

We had the Best mother for our family, and we would never be who we are without her !! I miss her terribly !!!!

Love, Annie

Keera said...

Don't apologize. Grief is weird. Grief unites humanity. And it takes its own sweet time. My own experience is of alternating days, especially in the beginning. Normal and totally as if nothing had happened alternating with the complete awareness of a huge hole in my life. Takes time to process. Don't apologize for it.