Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will GOP Benefit From Racism?

As the ad (and replaced it with some really blantant lies), but the damage is already done:
I wouldn't necessarily view the fact the ad is no longer airing as a victory; after all, the RNC got exactly what it wanted.  As it did with the Daisy-double "vote republican or die" ad, it shelled out a limited amount of money for a limited ad buy while relying on an all-too-willing press to provide hours and hours of free exposure for its  lies.  And so, the RNC got its racist message out to the voters of Tennessee, and unfortunately, that message will resonate with some voters.

And those voters will be, unfortunately, the all-too-numerous ignorant racists in Tennessee. Plus, there's also the even-more-numerous Republicans who support this behavior by voting for these assholes over and over again, thinking that supporting racists isn't the same as being racists themselves.

They are, of course, mistaken.


Jamison said...

So are you less optimistic? Does Ford have another ad up his sleeve that could crush this attack? Rumor mill says that one of Corker's daughters is up to no good. Or has the damage been done.

davidm said...


are you talking about the tv spot or this recent radio ad which has also been accused of racism?

alice said...

David, I was talking about the TV spots, but the radio ads are also disgusting.

Jamison, I'm cautiously optimistic. I think Ford responded well to the Corker sleaze (as soon as I get a link, I'll post it), but it's a very close race, plus there's always the Bradley Effect to worry about...

As far as Corker's daughters are concerned, I think it was a mistake for Corker to bring them into the campaign, because that makes them fair game. Not that Ford will take the bait -- he's better than that -- but there's lots of material there. I've heard tons of local stories about the alarming antics of both girls...

davidm said...

I remain skeptical over the supposed 'racism' in those ads. The media's been anticipating the race card during this entire election, and this is about as close as its gotten.

Rich girls always get into trouble. But that's hardly cause for alarm. People don't choose candidates based on their offspring...look at George H. Bush or Cheney. And in all fairness, Ford supporters don't want to bring family into this election.

I don't want to sound like I'm defending Corker, but I get a little upset when Dems start obsessing over non-issues. It's a good way to blow elections.