Sunday, October 29, 2006

Racist Ad Producer Gets Fired

Remember the GOP's Corker ad featuring Harold Ford, Jr.'s supposed friend from the Playboy Club?
Well, the Republican strategist who coproduced the ad (along with a Karl Rove wannabe) got fired by Wal-Mart on Friday. He claims the racism in the ad was an accident.

Whoops! Following in the footsteps of so many Republicans before him, his defense is that he's not evil, he's stupid! Wink-wink.

No word yet on whether Canada will get an apology.

UPDATE: Check out Ken's Melman's "lame" and pathetic backpedalling. This story gets sadder by the moment...


sravana said...

I just now looked at that ad - myGHOD. That is so beyond cynical.

But at least it appears to be backfiring. I think. Is it, Alice?

alice said...

I'm not sure. It's getting a lot of attention, especially nationally, and I think it makes the Republicans look bad and desperate (the Southern Strategy is alive and kicking), but if they're scaring rednecks away from HFJ, they probably don't care if they look bad. The local Republican party has made some feeble attempts at inroads into the minority community this year, but any gains they might have made have probably been rolled back and then some. But I don't think they were counting on any votes from the African Amerian community anyway -- they were just looking at long-term strategy. Of course, after all this, if Bob Corker gets elected, (to quote Ricky Ricardo) he's going to have a lot of 'splainin' to do... I suspect there are a lot of people in Chattanooga who used to think he wouldn't be that bad as Senator, but after this campaign, how's the guy going to come back here and look at anyone directly in the eye? This campaign has been humiliating for him.