Tuesday, October 3, 2006

The Mayor Whiffs Another One

It's hard to imagine how our mayor could be more wrong-headed about recycling. My next-door neighbor says he won't be able to participate in the city's new recycling program because he works out of a home office, which produces quite a lot of paper waste, and doesn't have the space on his property to store a month's worth of recycling. I can't imagine how I'm going to remember to put out my recycling once a month (I've never been able to figure out when brush collection day is supposed to be), so I'll probably end up hauling my recyclables over to the the park no matter what the city does -- and they'll end up confusing my lack of participation for disinterest.

Seriously, it seems as though Littlefield is not only determined to kill recycling in Chattanooga, but he also wants to piss away as many taxpayer dollars as possible in the process. Is this any way for "the environmental city" to carry on?

How many days left in this guy's term?


Sara said...

Those are the exact same complaints I have.

We don't have space to save up a months worth of recycling. We also can never figure out when the brush pick up is in our area. If we worked hard enough we might figure it out, but I'm afraid we would miss it too often meaning we would have to find space for two months of recycling (there is no way).

We will never make it to the recycling center. There are some weeks we can't figure out how to fit in a trip to the grocery store! We also don't have a truck to haul it all off.

I guess it will all have to go into our garbage can which is always full and overflowing as it is.

These are all simply complaints about the logistics of making this new "plan" work. Forget about the impact it has on our environment. Forget about how backwards it makes our city look.

alice said...

Absolutely. It's a loser of a "plan" anyway you look at it. I'm starting to feel like crackheads have taken over City Hall and we citizens just haven't found out about the coup yet...

joe lance said...

I'm trying to maintain focus and not get caught up in an emotional response, but after observing a few sessions of the Task Force and reading the media reports about the process, I am left with the theory that, for whatever reason, there is a deliberate effort in place to squelch recycling.

I cannot see how the Council's changes will work toward improving the overall situation. Sara's comment is sobering and honest: she and many others are simply going to stuff more materials into the garbage. Weekly pickup means that cans will overflow with waste that was once in the recyclable stream (since they're not going back to twice-weekly garbage service).

And I want a tax reduction equivalent to this reduction in services, in part to offset my personal transportation costs for taking my stuff to WP.