Monday, October 2, 2006

Enabling Sexual Predators -- Who's On Board?

Fox"News"? The White House?

To say that their attempts to coverup and, even worse, to rationalize a sexual predator's behavior are disturbing is to make a dramatic understatement.

I'm very worried about some of these people -- especially the ones who claim some ownership over "family values" and then demonstrate a complete lack of insight into what that phrase might really mean away from the cynical political stage that gives them the public's ear. If these politicians and pundits and talking heads don't, for example, understand the difference between preying on children and an affair with a consenting adult, can they be trusted to behave appropriately around, or on behalf of, our kids?
Meanwhile, Brit Hume of Fox News Sunday can't fathom the difference between Bill Clinton's extramarital affair with a consenting adult and the sicko criminal behavior of a dirty old Republican Congressman who preys on kids.
Hume said that while Foley is now "in total disgrace in his party," Clinton's "inappropriate behavior toward a subordinate [didn't] even cost Bill Clinton his standing in his party."
Clearly, Mark Foley's behavior has been disgusting. But are these men who dissemble on his behalf really any better? People talk about the Republican Culture of Corruption (before Foley, we saw Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Tom DeLay and Rep. Bob Ney go down in flames), but this takes the unsavory factor to a whole new level.

UPDATE: House Speaker Dennis Hastert has pulled mention of protecting children in cyberspace off of his web site. What is the message he's trying to send?

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Tim said...

I am quite proud that Bubba had the balls to nearly make Wallace cower in his seat. For once a politician, former or no, took on the right and kicked their assdonkeymule; with words, of course.

Don't worry, no one pays attention to Fox News' insane ramblings. No one important, at any rate. As for the White House . . . we're waiting. Just a little longer . . .