Friday, October 27, 2006

Creatureless Friday

Sorry for the lack of a creature today. I have my computer back, but haven't had a chance to get iphoto grooving again. You can still check out lots of other arklings, though, and while I might be creatureless again next week, once the election is over, I'll get back on a regular schedule.

In other news, I bought a house today. The closing was kinda anti-climatic, because we signed a whole bunch of papers and then... went back to work. It was a dark, very rainy day, so even if we had the time to start moving, we wouldn't have been able to. And we didn't have the time. As it is, we'll start moving things over this weekend and hopefully continue to do a bit at a time for the next week or so, then we'll make the big move starting on November 8th.

And finally, for your Friday entertainment here's a pretty funny campaign bit courtesy of Jesus' General (via TGW):
Bob Corker ain't miscegenated

I'm worried that the ads Tennessee senatorial candidate Bob Corker and the RNCC are running might be a bit too subtle. Sure, the jungle drums and the "he's after our white women" pitch are cues most people would get, but I'm not sure the audience they're trying to target will catch on. Those good old boys ain't none too bright.

So, I put together the following ad to help Mr. Corker:

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