Sunday, October 15, 2006


OK, so here's a quick update on what's been keeping me so busy (and quiet) lately.
Last week started out pretty calmly with not much more than a dentist appointment on Monday, but it was just a calm before the storm. The US Senate campaign was about to hit town, and while we were busy getting ready, things didn't get really frantic until the next day.

There were still lots of bright stars in the sky when I left the house on Tuesday morning, headed for an early prayer breakfast hosted by Harold Ford, Jr. From there I moved to working the phones, trying to turn out a good crowd for a rally over at UTC, where people gathered to greet the two candidates as they arrived for a debate later in the day.

There was plenty of good energy already flowing from a great turnout at the breakfast, but once the CNN bus rolled into town, things really got nuts, what with putting out signs, getting signs into the hands of supporters, letting people know the national news was in town, and so on. I eventually made it over to the rally (it looked like the Ford people outnumbered the Corker's supporters by about 2-to-1), and then as soon as the candidates disappeared into the UC auditorium, I went over to the Read House, where people were already gathering to watch the debate on large screens in the silver ballroom.

I didn't get to see/hear all that much of the debate. Between arriving a bit late, seeing a bunch of people I knew, and the crowd's noisy enthusiasm every time Ford seemed to win a point, I only caught bits and pieces. Ford came over after the debate to work the crowd again -- this time without being limited by the solemnity and early hour of the prayer breakfast, so he was able to whip them up into a frenzy and they left ready to rumble. And yes, by the time I worked my way back home again, the stars were once again lighting up the sky.

Wednesday also started with an early breakfast -- a fundraiser this time -- but the rest of the day was free to get ready for our next visit from the Congressman: Thursday's Kefauver Dinner. To be honest, at this point I was just looking forward to getting past all the distracting events, and back to our plans to get out the vote. The Dinner went off beautifully and on Friday and Saturday, it was nice to turn my attention back to turnout and to be able to work in larger blocks of time.

I also got to have a bit of fun this weekend -- I popped by a couple of BBQs yesterday, caught the Leslie Jordan show at the Tivoli Theatre with some wonderful friends last night, and today I zipped down to Mentone, Alabama with Emmie and a good friend. Our politics-free afternoon included an awesome brunch at the Wildflower Cafe (a-ha! hence the photo!) and a bit of browsing around several of Mentone's unique shops, including the wildly cool White Elephant Antiques.

I can't believe the weekend sped by so quickly, but here we are, ready to start up the insanity again in the morning! Speaking of which, if you're in Chattanooga and you're not yet working with one our local campaigns, what the heck are you waiting for!?! ;-D Feel free to contact me, and I'll hook you up with the campaign of your choice (Brown, Favors, Lusk, Moseley, Bredesen, Benedict, and/or Ford). Early voting starts this coming Wednesday, so there's no time to waste!

Have a good week!

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