Sunday, October 1, 2006


Emmie and I have been on a bit of a gay theatre binge lately.

Weekend before last we got to see the Chattanooga Theatre Centre's production of Lee Blessing's Thief River, which is about a love affair between two men that extends over several decades (it's set in rural Minnesota and starts out in the late 1940s).

Then this afternoon we went to a matinée of Martin Sherman's Bent, which deals with how homosexuals were treated during the Holocaust (and has been adapted for film).

After today's performance (the final one of the run), the company shot stills of some of the play's key scenes before striking the set. We hung around and watched as the story sped by us again -- backwards this time -- and I snapped a few photos myself. This image isn't one of the staged shots. I caught Emmie's boyfriend, who was part of the cast, standing off to the side and out of the spotlights, watching the proceedings while still costumed for his role. I left it as-is, uncropped and uncorrected, as I like the off-centered and slightly blurry way it turned out.

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sravana said...

given what's been in the news recently re: Foley, it feels really weird to say "wow... DD's boyfriend is a hottie!"...

Of course, I'm not about to IM the kid.. ;)

and, no, I haven't heard from my ditto-head parents on the latest Repug debacle. But I did send some snark their way!