Saturday, September 23, 2006

bin Laden Dead?


Update: more from Trish at Pensito Review:
So if bin Laden is dead, has in fact been dead for awhile now, then why are still at it? All along, we have accepted the Bush-given view that if we just kill all the "evil-doers," especially the leaders, the problem's solved. Could it be maybe, just maybe, the solution was never extermination? As George Lakoff and Evan Frisch pointed out in a brilliant Buzzflash guest contribution, declaring war on terror[ists] was a dumb strategy.


Keera Ann Fox said...

My first reaction to "bin Laden dead?" was, "What? Again?" My next reaction is that I don't want him dead; I want him around to tell the f**king truth - because of what Trish says above. Bin Laden is looking more and more like an excuse, not a cause.

alice said...

I still haven't heard anything definitive, one way or the other, though today's speculation seems to be leaning in the "not dead, but maybe sick" direction. Regardless, I shared your general response to the news.