Monday, February 6, 2006


This is the extent of our winter so far this year in Chattanooga. As in many parts of the US, it's been unusually warm so far this season. But this week, we're having a bit of a cold snap. I looked up a little while ago and it appeared that snow was falling outside. I grabbed my camera and ran out back just in time to catch a shot of these little sleet pellets before they melted on the leaves of my strawberry plant. Since the temperature is close to 40 degrees (F) out there, the little bit of wintery precipitation that did fall didn't last long and it all changed over to rain pretty quickly before it stopped altogether.


chad edwards said...

We better get ready to put out our mealworms, Alice. If it stays this warm, I expect to see eastern bluebirds anyday now. (Actually, it's kinda scary- how many years does this planet really have left?)

joe public said...

Winter. TeeHee.

I won't complain, though, because I don't need the gas bill.

fletch said...

I'm sure the local media is making the most of the flurries and schools have been closed early. Chaos I tell ya!