Friday, February 10, 2006

This is Incredible!

Republicans -- and espeically Bush -- have a huge problem with the American black community and if possible, it's getting worse. So, what genius thought that Mary Matilin's tone deaf attacks on civil rights leaders (which smacked of a pre-Katrina worldview?) might possibly help matters at all? Does Dick Cheney need to be a bit more careful in picking his staff members? Between Mary's deranged and flailing attacks and Scooter Libby's accustation this week that his boss played politics with our nation's security, one has to question Cheney's judgement in choosing these people -- Dick actually seems to be one-upping Bush when it comes to an increasing number of failures -- both as a leader and in his appointments. Perhaps if these people paid as much attention to policy as they do to politics, they wouldn't now find themselves on defense in the face of so many scandals.

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