Saturday, February 25, 2006

RIP, trusty truck

Oh, sad, sad day... DH was driving down North Market Street this morning and a huge suburban pulled out from one of those many side streets around Mia Cuchina right into his path. He tried to stop, and tried to swerve, but there was no avoiding the collision. We are very grateful that no one was injured in the accident, and also thankful that the other driver is fully insured. Unfortunately, it looks as though our truck has been totalled. This pickup, a 1988 Mazda B2200, has been with us since 1992, through thick and through thin. It has seen us through several moves (both our own and those of others) and countless hauling jobs, and was the vehicle Emmie used most often when she was learning to drive. It didn't have a gun rack, a rebel flag or a giant "3" on it (it did, however, have a stealie sticker!), but it still maybe made us yankees feel a little bit more like real Chattanoogans at a time when we were still acclimating to life in the South. It was a good, basic truck -- standard transmission, no computers or power windows or other fancy stuff that might go awry -- and therefore, a very dependable vehicle. I think the odometer was up around 150,000 miles and we had no plans to ever retire such a steady workhorse. We were worried we might lose her when Tennessee recently started emissions testing, but we actually made it over that hurdle just a few months ago. And now she's gone. We'll miss you, our trusty friend.


jennie said...

I'm so glad no one was hurt. Sorry that happened.

TimL said...

Awww. I constantly worry about my 1991 Nissan, but I see them every day, mainly painters, plumbers, and air conditioner folks.

I've seen worse cruising the highways of Bama barely held together with duct tape, spewing oil fumes and leaking transmission fluid. Seems you'd fit right in!

smijer said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your gem... My dad has an '84 that he uses sparingly, but it never fails to start right up. I had an '89 myself a few years back... they really are great little autos.