Tuesday, February 7, 2006

King Funeral (updated)

I caught as much of the King funeral as I could on C-Span Tuesday afternoon and then watched it again when they reran the whole thing in the evening -- it was a beautiful event. Maya Angelou was wonderful, as usual (I could listen to that woman read the phone book and be happy) and the speeches were moving and inspiring. I'm sure plenty of links to quotes, videos and other bits and pieces will sprout up in the coming hours, and I'll post them here as I come upon them.

The Funeral Program (pdf), funeral photo gallery and CSK photo gallery.

Video of remarks from Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr.; some video clips: Carter, Bush, and the Big Dog; and Coretta Scott King Remembered.

Bush's remarks.

The King Center and Wiki bio.

Recaps from Kim, Mark, Rod and Keith, who included this gem:
She was surely a legend, as many people pointed out, but she was also a living human being, as Bill Clinton observed thoughtfully. She was a real person, not just a symbol. And of all her numerous accomplishments, perhaps none is greater than the legacy that she left. That she was able to bring the President of the United States to Atlanta to listen to the plight of the people that many felt he had once ignored. I don't know what speech George Bush thought he was giving last week in Washington. But down in Atlanta, he was forced to hear the real State of the Union.
The rightwing blogosphere is having a collective stroke because people at the King funeral dared to tell us what was in their hearts and on their minds as they remembered a great woman. Oliver, ReddHedd, Jane, Steve, Digby (via kos), John, Pam, a dude named "Dad", and Oliver again are on it.

And here's more from perrspectives, Susan, TL, the Republic of T, Matt, Keith, John and Markos ("it's up to Republican blowhards to tell people when to create life, when they can die, and, now, how they are eulogized").

What do you think pisses the right wing off most about this funeral? That speakers were all factually correct? That Bill Clinton can out-Bible Bush, even without notes and a speech writer? That Bush was forced to appear in front of a group of people that didn't have to sign loyalty oaths on their way into the venue? I agree that Bush had no good option in this situation -- he had to either go to the funeral and take it like a man (which, to his credit, he did), or skip the funeral and be criticized for not going. Bush has spent years making his bed and yesterday he was willing to lie in it -- so why are the wingnuts having such a hard time with it? Perhaps they have been lulled into a false sense of reality by all of Bush's carefully selected, pre-screened audiences and faked events?

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