Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Creature

Well, it did warm up here this week -- I was out last night and even when I was heading home around 10, it was still a very pleasant walk to my car. It seemed awfully balmy for a February evening. We're back to winter weather tomorrow, though. I'm sure the school kids are getting irritated with the way the snow keeps falling when it can't help them out with extra days off. They close schools around here when there is even a threat of snow, and yet I don't think the county schools have been closed all year -- and maybe not at all last year, either.

Anyway, back to the creature... last weekend's snow didn't prevent this carolina wren from finding its way to my feeder. I panned out quite a bit on the shot to catch the rather sparse snowflakes as they fell, but I think you can still get a look at the little guy.

Have a great weekend! While we wait for the next blast of winter, don't forget the Friday Ark. And as usual, stay warm and safe!

UPDATE: Speaking of creatures, check out Sandy's rescue dog post. She's got several of these beautiful dogs living with her and has met one of the dogs that went on to star in the Disney movie. Her post offers some important advice to people who might be charmed by these dogs while failing to consider the commitment involved in bringing one home.


chad edwards said...


Is it common for you all down in Chattanooga at this time of the year to have carolina wrens? Fellow birdwatchers in my area say they are with us in the area all year, but this is the first winter I've seen one at my feeder. I've been seeing it everyday since December.

I've had two towhees visit for the past three winters and so far no sign of them.

alice said...

I think it's pretty common down there. I'm pretty sure we've had carolina wrens all winter ever since I've started watching...