Thursday, February 2, 2006

Don't Let Your Phone Out of Your Sight!

If you already have, someone could be stalking you, and you have no way of knowing.
For the past week I've been tracking my girlfriend through her mobile phone. I can see exactly where she is, at any time of day or night, within 150 yards, as long as her phone is on.
I can't find anything in her mobile that could possibly let her know that I'm checking her location. As devious systems go, it's foolproof. I set up the website to track her at regular intervals, take a snapshot of her whereabouts automatically, every half hour, and plot her path on the map, so that I can view it at my leisure.


stelmodad said...

I read that article and was intrigued, was that a service that was offered throught the cell phone company in the UK?

It was also good to know that he had the permission of his girl friend to do it.

alice said...

I suspect that it's pretty easy to do here in the States. I just did a quick search and came up with this: