Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dick, Rick, Dole, Iran, Iraq and more!

This has been a pretty busy news week. While the Dick Cheney story finally starts to die down, others (like the port security story) are just starting to pick up steam:

The Republicans are still having major problems with their ethical lapses. Rick Santorum's is just the latest corruption scandal to hit the sleazy House of DeLay.

And speaking of sleaze, does anyone think that it is good for our democracy when a former member of Congress is paid by a foreign government to lobby Congress on their behalf when the lobbyist's own wife is a current Senator?

With so many differences between our nations, how might we find common ground with the people of Iran? Why by hating gay people, of course!

How are things going in Iraq these days? Well, they're FUBAR, and even Bill O'Reilly is starting to talk in terms of cuttin' 'n' runnin'.

But not all the news is bad! The progressive wing of the Democratic party is finally getting busy. They've set up a Progressive Patriots Fund, plus a group of activists from the progressive community have recently launched the Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN).

Also, the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing now has a blog.

And finally, because I'm sure you've all been wanting to know, here are the Five Most Dangerous Children's Books Ever Written, According to Sean Hannity.


chad edwards said...

Hot damn, alice- that is the funniest picture I've seen in awhile! Did you make it? May I copy it and email it to some friends?

alice said...

I did make it (with a little help from whoever did promotions for the movie, Scarface). Feel free to do whatever you want with it. Thanks for the kind words. ;-D

glen said...

hannity has me dead to rights.

I wrestled those very book away from my kids, just yesterday.

I left them each a copy of giddeons', course I still haven't decided if the brats really need to learn how to read. they may not take em in the army if they don't though.

thanks sean