Friday, February 24, 2006

Awesome! Historic Films on Google Video!

Here's the poop (and the link) from BoingBoing:
Google today announced the addition of 103 historic films from the US National Archives in Google Video. Included:

* Footage of the Apollo 11 mission, and the first person to step on the moon: Link

* From 1894, "Carmencita - Spanish Dance" -- one of the oldest films at the archives: Link

* A representative selection of U.S. government newsreels, documenting World War II, 1941-45: Link.

* NASA documentaries on spaceflight: Link.

* Films from the 1930s, that document the history and establishment of a nationwide system of national and state parks.

* Early footage of Native American life, the Boulder Dam, water and wind erosion in America, Civilian Conservation Corps workers, and the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

* From 1970, a motion picture documenting recreational programs for inner city youth: Link


Keera Ann Fox said...

How cool! I watched the landing on the moon via your link, and ended up watching "Apollo 13" today (have it on DVD). I'm going to rewatch it again, this time with the Lovells' commentary. It's OK to cry at vistas of the Earth, footprints in lunar dust, and Walter Cronkite's sonorous voice, right?

alice said...

Yeah, it is ok. :-D (At this point, I would guess the thought of Americans achieving great goals (and actually embracing science) and remembering real, credibile journalists like Uncle Walter should make just about anyone cry.)