Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Apologies, Jesus, Impeachment, Blogging and Slavery...

I used up all my juice over on hamdems this morning and I've got to get back to work, so I'm just going to throw some links out there while I grab an early lunch (or is it a brunch?)...

Some clever person has created this handy chart for Cheney so that he might not get so confused next time he goes hunting. It's a good thing that Mr. Whittington is bouncing back so quickly after being shot by Dick. And the apology-fest that Harry triggered is picking up steam!

Speaking of Jesus, I only just discovered that there is an archive listing of all the "republican jesus" icons that have appeared over on Jesus' General. How cool is that?

Is impeachment really on the minds of Americans? What about our Congressmen?

Blogging. It's New York's cover story this week, and there's a great article about the possibility that there's a glass ceiling in blogville.

UPDATE: ...though there's still quite a bit of shuffling in the rankings (via kos).

And finally, the battle to end slavery continues, sometimes pretty close to home.

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