Thursday, February 9, 2006

141 programs Bush wants to cut or kill

Those PBS programs are worthless! Ernie and Bert SUCK! Ken Burns is such a loser!

Those ungrateful students can get through college without any loans (gosh! Bush got through Yale without any loans -- if Georgie can do it, why can't any of these other lazy kids?!?).

Who needs those those damn Amtrak trains when we got hummers?! We can drive from LA to Frisco, or from NYC to DC! If our air transportation system is ever shut down again, we'll manage without the trains!

Please, God -- we can live without all these stupid programs, just so long as Paris Hilton gets more tax cuts!!!!!


chad edwards said...

I got to thinking about something. For years now, the Republicans have been wanting to get rid of PBS and NPR. I don't know if you folks on cable have it or not, but Dish Network has recently added the Military Channel to our system. Supposedly it was founded by the pentagon because I remember getting a form a letter or something to send to my congresspeople in opposition to it.

Is the Military Channel being paying for with our tax dollars? If so, why don't they give that channel the axe instead of PBS? I know what I'd rather watch with my tax dollars.

alice said...

Apparently it _is_ paid for out of the pentagon's budget. Next thing you know, DISH will add the Halliburton Channel, and maybe even the Exxon Channel and the GE Channel! Or how about the Monsanto Channel? Corporate welfare and propoganda as far as the finger can surf! ;-)

chad edwards said...

As scary as those ideas sound, Alice, none of those options would surprise me if they showed up tomorrow. I can even see the Monsanto channel with a flannel kind of feel to it, like a natural home and garden channel- even though Monsanto is the antithesis of such a mantra.

And we already have at least a few GE channels- NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.