Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yikes! and Gak!

Yikes! Wonker (my name for the now Cox-less blog) has been redesigned and it looks huge! I haven't checked in for some time, so maybe the new look has been up for a while -- sorry if it's old news... and speaking of old news, this isn't exactly a breaking story, but I just became aware of it (and it's the reason for the "gak!" in the heading)...

According to one of yesterday's entries on the above-mentioned blog, my sister and none other than Dick Cheney share the same birthday! Fortunately, not only is she much, much, much younger than he is, but they don't actually have all that much in common -- she doesn't sneer, she hasn't fought for a policy of torture, she never lied to get this country into an unnecessary war, she hasn't used taxpayer money to pump up her stock options, she isn't a draft-dodging chickenhawk, she has no DUIs on her record, she never sold out her kid to appease her wingnut base, and she hasn't ever told anyone to go fuck themselves on the floor of the Senate. Whew. ;-)

UPDATE (in mid-February): just to be clear, my sister never confused an old man with a little bird and she never, ever shot anyone in the face!

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fletch said...

I bet your sister has a heart too. I'll have to check out the new Wonker. It's not a regular stopover for me either.