Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Year Links (and rants)

CNN continues to circle the drain. You gotta wonder what kind of koolaid they're drinking down there in Atlanta. They finally got rid of Douchbag of Liberty Robert Novak, and now they've gone and hired Bill Bennett?!? Even the lure of Anderson Cooper isn't enough to get me to watch this network, which seems determined to destroy what little credibility they have left after letting Wolf Blitzer drone all over just about every freakin' story they've covered in the last year...

Do you ever watch music videos? I don't -- at least not on video channels, anyway. It takes a lot more patience than I have to sit through a whole bunch of incoherent crap to find the occasional rare gem that's out there. But I hear there may have been some interesting contributions to the compendium in the past year. If so, you can probably find them in this list.

When I see stuff like this it makes me hope that this will be the year when the record companies are finally rendered irrelevant.

And finally, here's a tidbit overheard in everyone's favorite city:
Guy: So...did you make any resolutions for the new year?
Girl: Ummm...I had one...but...I forgot it.
Guy: You forgot it? How do you expect to follow through on it if you already forgot it before the new year even starts?
Girl: I think it had something to do with me being neurotic.

--Bamiyan, East 26th Street

Happy New Year, kids!


Bill said...

Wow. That was, I guess, the one last reason I needed to despise.

alice said...


sandy said...

ughh. CNN needs a total makeover. Can't believe they signed on Bill Bennet, what are they thinking? I miss Ted Turner, bring him back on to CNN. This would redeem CNN.

glen said...

Excuse me but TimeWarner owns CNN. Do you really think they give a rats a.. what anyone thinks? I would suggest the investors are the target audience.

NOT to be confused with a news outlet. The other networks suck too. GE owns msnbc so I wouldn't hold out any hope there. We would be better served to participate in TNIMC.ORG, community cable or alternative sites. Unless you have a major chunk of change to invest. Of course we probably would not be having any dialogue if that were so.

Best regards

Bill said...

Coldplay... I meant "despise Coldplay." Sorry.