Tuesday, January 3, 2006

More hatin' record execs

These fuckwads are not starting the year off well. I mentioned a few days ago that Virgin Records figured out a way to screw both the talent and the fans with the same stroke. Now I read that Columbia/Sony is holding Nellie McKay's latest album hostage. The record company doesn't want to release the CD, but they're also so far refusing to let the artist have it.

I think I just resolved to make 2006 a year for supporting artists, not record companies.
And by the way, speaking of musicians, happy birthday to Stephen Stills today!


Dig said...

Glad to know you share my intense and seething hatred of of all things RIAA. I'm with you.

chad edwards said...

Remember when punk bands used to leave one side of their cassette tapes blank so that you could record music on it and help kill the recording industry? Oh, the good old days.

scott bakalar said...

The Record Industry as it exists presently, and for perhaps the last 10 years - ever since the 1996 FCC "deregulation" of broadcast radio, which spawned 100,000 ClearChannel radio stations almost overnight - needs a swift kick in the ass.

As an independent artist (CDbaby!) I thank you for your resolution, support and post. I haven't listened to commercial radio in over 4 years, and have not bought a major label release CD in almost the same time period.

Viva la Indie!