Thursday, January 5, 2006

Is James Dobson gay?

Seriously. He's obsessed with gay people. He sees gayness everywhere. He claims gay people are destroying everything in America, from our theme parks and car companies to our marriages. He has devoted his life to trying to foist his own supposed morality (including his insistence that homosexuals are evil) on the rest of us (in case you're wondering what's behind his efforts to "save" us all, please don't fail to note that he's become very rich and powerful in the process). What's behind his gay fetish? Here's one possibility: he's gay. It's always the ones who shriek the loudest that eventually end up in the paper. Any wagers on how long it takes the AFA to make the news in some great gay orgy scandal?


glen said...

RAOFLMA! That would be sooo fitting!


The Editor said...

I want a copy of "The Superbowl is Gay" song!!!


fletch said...

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is gay. There's something really messed up psychologically with these types. It's like deep down they know they are gay, but were taught from childhood that homosexuality is a sin. Rather than confront the issue openly it's buried deep in the subconscious, or something like that. This desire to repress others is nothing more than trying to repress their own nature. Ok, that will be 5 cents please.

sravana said...

Yeah, it's called projection. You project on others what you reject in yourself.

Is it sinful to pray that some entepreneureal (sp!) gay person targets SpongeDob for a takedown? Complete with pictures?

re: Superbowl is gay - I thought that was really hilarious, until it got sad.

Scary, really.

fletch said...

SpongeDob..LOL. That's so gay.

sravana said...

Yeah, but it's not original to me. I think I culled it from AmericaBlog or Eschaton, back when I used to read those alla time.

Frankly, I need more RL time, and fewer hours blogging!


actor212 said...

Actually, there's a backlash in the right wing that thinks he might actually be a liberal plant to discredit the Christian Coalition.

I wish I was that funny, but that's the truth.

alice said...

Christian Coalition? Discredited? Ha! you have got to be kidding! They don't have any credit to be dissing! Founded by Pat "God is a Deranged Sociopath" Robertson and run by Ralph "Abramoff, Jr." Reed -- they were never more than a crook and wingnut show and have long since faded into irrelevancy.

Maybe the real reason for this Dobson backlash is that the Christian Coalition doesn't like gay people? ;-)