Monday, January 2, 2006

I got tagged

So, even though I've done a similar meme recently, I'll play...

Four jobs you've had in your life: I've always been a wage slave. I worked in a bank. I produced concerts. I was a bookkeeper. I ran a physician's office. I currently write code for a custom software company. The trouble is, no matter how hard I work, whenever I stop working, I stop getting paid. I'm thinking of going for something in a different mold next time around...

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: In an attempt to keep this interesting, instead of movies, I'll list genres this time: triumph of the human spirit movies, historical settings, films with great soundtracks, and things that make me genuinely laugh.

Four Places You've Lived: I've lived for short times in London, San Francisco, the Jersey shore and upstate New York.

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch: I like crime shows (L&O, CSI), politics, news and quirky TV (how could they cancel Dead Like Me after only two seasons?!?). I've never seen a whole episode of the Simpsons, though I don't really have anything against it except that I don't really like cartoons in general (I don't like the way they sound, though I do appreciate some of the art).

Four Places You've Been On Vacation: I listed some more distant destinations last time, but my favorites of the perennials are my uncle's farm, the Jersey shore, the Appalachian Trail, and now, Batavia.

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Some lighter sites that I like to visit a lot include Overheard in NY, You Knit What?, PostSecret (my daughter got me the book for Chrismahanakwanzaka!), and Angry Alien.

Four of Your Favorite Foods: My husband's gumbo, turkey and wild mushroom soup, chicken soup and just about anything my daughter cooks.

Four Places You'd Rather Be: In a warm kitchen, walking with my feet in the sand, in a cozy bed, with my family.

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: I don't do that since I got an iPod. ;-P How about: Neil Young, Grateful Dead, the blues, jazz.

Tag: Keera, Sravana, beep!, and Fletch, and anyone else who wants to weigh in either on your blog or down in the comments here...


fletch said...

ok, here goes..

Four jobs - 1. convenience store clerk 2. hamburger flipper (Hardees) 3. database administrator (which I do now and just can't say enough how much I hate it) 4. day trader (this is how you stop work and keep getting paid if you're lucky)

Four movies - 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark - just a fun summer escape movie, back when Harrison Ford and I were young and good looking. 2. Gone With the Wind 3. Forrest Gump 4. anti-hero Westerns, like Outlaw Josey Wales, Jeremiah Johnson, Little Big Man, Butch&Sundance

Four Places - 1. Gatlinburg, TN 2. Chattanooga, TN 3. Austin, TX 4. Jacksonville, FL. and many, many other places.

Four Shows - 1. Anything on FoodTV, it's an escape from depressing news 2. Daily Show 3. Crank Yankers (puppets making crank phone calls..just makes me laugh) 4. MST3K - I love that smartass robot.

Four Vacation Places - 1. Florida (duh) 2. Cancun 3. Jamaica 4. Yellowstone/Tetons

Four websites - 1. Americablog 2. Dailykos 3. Eschaton 4. Raw Story - reckon my world view is slanted?

Four Foods - 1. Spaghetti 2. Chili 3. seafood 4. cheeses

Four Places to be: 1. warm, sunny beach 2. warm, sunny beach bar with a strawberry daquiri 3. warm, sunny harbor on a sailboat 4. warm, dark bed. I guess it's the time of the year.

Four albums 1. Hymns to the Silence, Van Morrison 2. In Search of the Lost Chord, Moody Blues 3. Waiting for Columbus, Little Feat 4. Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East

That was harder than I thought it would be. Thanks for asking!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Yeah, you bet it's hard. I don't do four of anything. But I admire you (and fletch) for trying. You may stick your tongue out at me for not trying.

sravana said...

Here's my go at it...

Four jobs you've had in your life: music teacher, symphony orchestra musician, medical file clerk, college music teacher. I think I see a pattern here...

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: None. Though I plan on seeing Syriana a second time.

Four Places You've Lived: Austin, San Antonio, Evanston, um... um... that's it. (I think something must be wrong with me!)

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch: I have seen 24 a couple of times, and enjoyed it - in fact, I'm going to be making a point to see it this year, which is a first since the age of Hill Street Blues. Other than that, none.

Four Places You've Been On Vacation: Galveston, Toronto, Park City, UT, London

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Joe.My.God, Marnie MacLean, Knitting Curmudgeon, Bitch, Phd.

Four of Your Favorite Foods: breakfast tacos, sizzling garlic shrimp, honeycrisp apples, steak

Four Places You'd Rather Be: Sitting in a sunny window on a cold day, on the beach, in bed with poodles, in a coffeeshop with my sweetie

Four Albums You Can't Live Without: Meet the Beatles (!), B Minor Mass of Bach conducted by Gardener, R. Carlos Nakai Island of Bows... ABBA greatest hits (Just KIDDING!)