Friday, January 6, 2006

Friday Creature

The camera has remained pretty much idle again this week. I've been busy, the light has been uninspiring, and the weather's been cold. But, I dug around a bit and realized that I never put up any of the bird pictures I brought back from Italy last year. It'll be interesting trying to figure out which birds they are. This first one wasn't all that hard to ID, given its distinct appearance. It's a Hooded Crow, which was recently elevated to full species status by... well, the people who do that sort of thing.

The first ark of the new year is filling up -- go check out the critters and have a wonderful weekend!


chad edwards said...

Is this crow indigenous to Tennessee? I'm an amature bird watcher and I've never seen anything like it.

I'd like to share my eastern bluebird pictures with you someday. I can't justify sticking them up on our Appalachian Green blog, but maybe I'll post them to my new personal blog.

alice said...

No -- it's not a Tennessee bird. It's a crow that lives in Europe. I took the picture last summer when I was visiting Italy.

I'd love to see your bluebirds!

chad edwards said...

When I get my new blog rolling, I'll post my bluebirds. So far I've just got some silly shit on there like some of my favorite Halloween masks.

I always look forward to your bird pictures on Friday. You've got a great blog, Alice!