Thursday, January 26, 2006

1. Pat Robertson

Pat won something! And he's in fine company -- he beat everyone from Oprah Winfrey and George Lucas to Thomas Friedman and Jim Guckert, and even Johnny Damon ("going from the Red Sox to the Yankees is like fucking the guy that murdered your husband") in this list from The Beast (via OneGoodMove).
Exhibit A: Vehemently opposed to voluntary abortion in America, but okay with forced abortion in China, where his cable investments depend on the good graces of the government.
Truly, he's one of the most twisted and evil SOBs ever. There must be a special place in hell reserved for people like Pat, who is pissing all over Christianity in his rush to the bank.
In 2005, Robertson called on God to vacate seats in the Supreme Court (the almighty obliged, killing Rehnquist), advocated assassinating Hugo Chavez, said "judicial activists" were a more serious threat to America than terrorists, called criticism of the war treason, said John Roberts should be thankful for Hurricane Katrina, which he implied was "connected" to Roe v. Wade, attributed Ariel Sharon's stroke to divine retribution for the Gaza pullout, said "the Antichrist is probably a Jew alive in Israel today," and implied that God would wipe the residents of Dover, PA off the map for rejecting Creationism. Not to mention raising huge sums of cash from his zombie army, much of which is diverted from his charity operations to his business interests, including African diamond mines. Has long advocated that America simply ignore the Supreme Court. Robertson's God is an insecure, misogynistic, homicidal fanatic -- just like Pat.


Joe P. said...

There was a line the other night on the

show "Lost" in which one character noted

that another was carrying a large club with

the names of the books of the Bible carved onto it.

He asks "You gonna hit me with your Jesus stick?"

I think that should be our common response to

every comment Pat Robertson makes.

alice said...

LOL! Brilliant!

There are a lot of really good quotes in The Beast's list. One of my favorites so far is this one, under good ol' Number 43: "If political discussion were sex, the Limbaugh audience would be a horde of virgins beating off to deranged rape fantasies."