Monday, December 19, 2005

Wingnuts Gone Wild!

The wingnuts are (still) trying to remake the world in their image over on Bedazzled, but Cookie is having none of it! The response follows after the jump.
Some wingnut jerk left a really obnoxious, personally insulting comment on a non-political post (the one with my high school yearbook picture). It's not getting published and he is now banned from commenting. And just to clarify, "Raven", I don't "fear" debate with wingnuts. I just don't give a fuck what you think. Or, I should say, if I didn't already know exactly what you thought, I still wouldn't give a fuck.

If you don't like this site, then stay the fuck away. How hard is that? It's not like it's one of the major networks and it's unavoidable. It's one guy's site. It's a little personal blog that gets a couple thousand visitors a day. Why do you torture yourself by coming here? Go start your own fucking blog.

I'm sorry God cursed you by giving you good taste in music but bad taste in politics, but that's your cross to bear, not mine.


chad edwards said...

Oh how I love directness. The "f" bomb is a great way of illustrating the direct approach when all other means of diplomacy have failed. Perhaps a last resort, but nevertheless an option.

chad edwards said...

Give 'em hell Cookie! It's about damn time our side draws a line in the sand. Keep lobbing the "f" bombs at them- perhaps this language is the only thing these wingnut morons can truly understand.