Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our Activist President

It's funny - not in the ha ha way, but in the "this is how the Soviet people must have felt" way - that the right-wing is all upset about "activist judges" who supposedly refuse to obey the Constitution, and instead, again according to conservatives, do whatever they hell they want to impose their whim on the land. And now we have an activist president wantonly breaking the rule of law as passed by Congress and written in the Constitution in order to do the exact same thing.

You conservatives can't have it both ways. If an activist judiciary is dangerous then so is an activist president. We can't have any branch of government or any government official outright disobey the law of the land and the Constitution in order to do what THEY think is "best" for the country, especially when what they think is best just so happens to be spying on American citizens without a court order.

It's time for an all-out war on Activist Presidents.
-- John at AmericaBlog
Yeah. John is right. Bush broke a law (the one against warrantless surveillance of US citizens), and he violated our constitution (Amendment IV, Article II, sec. 3), probably committing an impeachable offense in the process. He could have changed the law or even worked within it, but he chose to ignore it instead. And it's not the first time Bush has ignored Congress and the laws it passes. Obviously Congress isn't going to seek articles of impeachment (not this one, anyway) -- but surely they can't just ignore the fact that Bush is pushing them aside and making up his own rules as he goes along, without regard to the wishes of the American people or the Congress. Even for the sake of party unity, the republicans in Congress can only play lapdog to the White House for so long before they risk getting run out of town...


glen said...

You mean the president has to obey the same law as everyone else?!? Boulderdash, thats's perposterous, why does the fascist leader have to do anything? Zieg Hiel !!

Come to think of it didn't joeseph goebells say the same thing?

Vote green and we can start to repair this corporate sponsored nightmare. Vote your conscience, please!

chad edwards said...

Here, here, Glen.

The Democrats should have been on this from day one of the Bush nightmare. But instead, they've played it "safe" all along. If they're not going to be an opposition party, then they need to step aside and let a party in that will.