Friday, December 16, 2005

Novak goes to Fox

Robert Novak, Douchebag of Liberty and poster child for dentugrip adhesive, has finally responded to the call of the mothership. The pottymouth has been in limbo since CNN suspended him after he walked off the set in a snit during a live broadcast some months ago. Today Fox"News" announced that they have, appropriately, hired the famous traitor to do... well, something. No word yet on whether Roger Ailes is going to force Novak to get plastic surgery, or if that was just a special rule for Greta... (via Pensito Review)


sandy said...

Daryn Kagan should go with Novak to Fox. CNN might start to be worth watching if both were gone.

TimL said...

So NoVakula goes to Faux News. Why hasn't he been blindfolded and shot for treason yet?