Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Festivus (belated)

A few people have drawn up lists for the traditional Airing of Grievances (I haven't had time, but I admire their efforts!):

Big, Stupid Tommy
Say Uncle
A Large Regular
Democratic Daily
Balloon Juice
Carpe Datum
Lean Left

Anyone else?

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sandy said...

Happy Belated Festivus. Greetings from South Florida! We have been celebrating Nitel Nacht ((Nothing Night) Christmas Eve) in spirit with our Jewish and Chinese friends.

Today is a relaxing day at the beach. I bought Scooter a little Speedo for Christmas. God they all looked so tiny, so I bought him one in mens size small. He wore it to the beach today but somehow it slid off of him while he was crashing into waves and it is lost at sea. There went his Christmas present maybe someone in Portugal will find it and email us they found a small, navy colored Speedo washed up on their beach. Oh well, it is only money, easy come and easy go.

How's your Christmas, Festivus, Channukah, Nitel tag going? Hope all is well with you and your family.

Merry Fitzmas