Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day/Kwanzaa/St. Stephen's Day/Hanukkah!

Today is Boxing Day, the first day of Kwanzaa, St. Stephen's Day, and (this year) the first day of Hanukkah -- plus it's a postal/bank holiday (it's Chrismas observed)! Whew! And you thought it was just a day for returning all the crap you got that you don't like!

It's also been a year since the devastating tsunami/earthquake in the Indian Ocean. A lot of areas are still struggling to recover.

And in this part of the country (along I-75 anyway), the day after Christmas is also known as a big travel day -- there will be tons of cars streaming down to Florida from all points north (but especially from Ohio and Ontario, or at least it always seems that way) as the last big wave of the snowbirds' great annual southern migration takes place.

Whether you're traveling, braving the crowds at the stores, strugging back to the office, observing a holiday, or (like me) hiding out at home for one more day of holiday bliss, I hope you're still in the zone and enjoying it all...

If you're at work and lingering over your coffee, or at home and lazing over the computer as you enjoy one last day of vacation, here's a bit of distraction for you:

Someone sent me this link in the past few days and it just cracks me up: Jean Luc On the Go! It got me thinking about all those different creatures and objects that go on travel photo binges, and did a quick search, and sure enough, there are directories that list them. You can even get your own travel gnome and do some vicarious touring...


fletch said...

I have a good friend who is a world traveler. She takes a sock monkey with her and takes its pic everywhere she goes. It's pretty cool to see a sock monkey checking out the Great Wall of China.

I thought she was a little loony but apparently this behavior is the norm.

p.s. if you don't know what a sock monkey is, google it.

alice said...

Ah, the sockmonkey. My cousin had one when we were kids. I was kinda scared of it.