Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Cold Morning!

We had a frost during the night and everything is coated in white fur this morning, creating quite the contrast to the view out my window less than a month ago. It's not quite as exciting as the winters I'd be enjoying if I had stayed in western New York (like this December just a few years ago), but pretty and peaceful, anyway.

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. I've been feeling a wee bit tired for the past few days, and with the calendar quickly filling up with a mixture of meetings and holiday fun, I've been working diligently to get caught up so that I might relax and enjoy as the year winds to a close. But if you're missing a dose of controversy, head over to AmericaBlog and look in the upper left column for links to their developing Ford Motor Co. story. That ought to tide you over until I get worked up about something. ;-)

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Chad Edwards said...

Nice picture. I like the color contrasts. Winter has hit us full board up here in WV, but I did manage to get a whole dug to plant my live Christmas Tree; the ground isn't froze quite yet.