Thursday, December 8, 2005

Chrismahanakwanzaka Fun

For the young parent on your list: the Selubrion Chair (via boingboing)

Shopping for the kids? Go to Baby Bush Toys where you can get a Circle of Liberty Puzzle or the Terror Alert Xylophone! (via AmericaBlog)

If the holidays are here, it must be time to vote on the best blogs in all sorts of categories. Have you voted yet? (via Jesus' General)

Does this activity qualify as one of the Festivus Feats of Strength? (via smijer & buck)

Forget the Chronicles of Narnia movies -- Disnification is rarely a good thing -- Brokeback Mountain is the Movie To See this holiday season. Or is it Chattanooga's own Memoirs of a Geisha?

And yet another top ten list in the making! Get your votes in!

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