Friday, December 9, 2005

The Blogosphere, Politics and Policy

An interesting discussion is underway prompted by a not-yet-out E&P article about conservative blogs. Atrios counters with some thoughts and ends up here:

But the liberal blogosphere is a much greater value added for our side because we have such a shitty media infrastructure. If all the wingnut blogs disappeared tomorrow it really wouldn't have any impact on the national discourse. Sure they're there and the Right is better at using them but they don't really *need* them. They have plenty of other ways to launder their horseshit.

I'm sure this debate is just getting started. I hope to have time to follow various comment and trackback ping rabbit holes this weekend...

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chad edwards said...

I think words like "conservative" and "liberal" have lost a lot of meaning in the last twenty years (if they've ever had any in my lifetime). I mean when did a call to shut down the WTO (permenantly) become a "liberal" concept? When did trying to impose democracy on other nations become a "conservative" one?

It's not so much that we have a "conservative" media. What we have is a media that champions the state regardless of its policies, misgivings and deceptions.

It is also a media which is less than critical of our beloved corporations and their top-heavy profits.

In my opinion, that's where bloggers can make a difference. If the media won't talk about how Wal Mart, free trade pacts, and a disastorous as well as costly war are ruining this country, then I can tell you about how those things are ruining ours right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.