Friday, November 18, 2005

Why do Bush & the Republicans hate our troops?

John in DC claims to be quoting Atrios with this, but I can't find the reference. The point is well-made, though:
If I were anti-military, I'd send our troops into a war based on a lie with no strategy, no exit plan, and no body armor, then just watch them all get killed while I claim everything is going well.
UPDATE: there's more here:
If the Republicans did care about our troops, they would want to know if we had enough troops to fight the war. If they cared, they'd make sure our troops actually had the body armor they needed. And if they cared about the troops, they would end a war once it's concluded we've lost. Only someone who cared more about his ego than our troops or our nation would continue a war once we've realized it's a no-win situation.

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Jon in West Hollywood said...

I couldn't find the original source from Atrios either - If I were Anti-Military.

Great site, btw.