Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Think you got it bad?

This can be a pretty stressful time of year for a lot of people -- there are the gifts to buy, parties to make time for, projects to finish up at work, decorating, baking, school pageants, church events, greeting cards, final exams, travels, budgets, relatives... it's a lot to get through and it's very hard to stay cheerful through it all. If you do find yourself becoming a bit cranky, I've got a little something that might cheer you up. As your kids come home from school with fevers and the dog gets into the holiday chocolate and then pukes on the rug, as your car konks out from the cold, and you draw overtime at your job... as everything seems to go wrong and you're not sure you can take one more thing... take comfort in the fact that at least you don't live next door to this guy:

UPDATE: in case you're experiencing some skepticism, according to the Urban Legends pages, it's true, and there's another clip with a different song!


sandy said...

That's hilarious. I might like having a neighbor with that kind of talent. Where we are now, nobody does anything or cares... sad, really.

Chad Edwards said...

Dear God! Does that run all night?

alice said...

One shudders to think!

It really does bring out the true spirit of Christmas, don't you think?

(And did you catch the peace symbol in the driveway?)

fletch said...

Hey. That's my house!

Chad Edwards said...

Yes, I did catch the peace symbol.

And being the kind of uptight political kind of jerk that I am- I couldn't help thinking: How many mountain tops is this thing going to cost us?

djuggler said...

My parents live within walking distance. Talked to him last night and he said he'd check it out.

Apparently the guy is the lighting coordinator for the Trans-Siberian.

I have some more links.

sravana said...

I dig the peace symbol. I also wonder just how loud the music is, in person.

Also, I'm so GLAD to know what kind of finch that is! What a stunning little bird. :)