Saturday, November 26, 2005

People will knit anything!

First, there were the horrors at You Knit What? (which I first mentioned here), and now come to discover that, not satisfied with just kitsch, some people are so desperate to knit that they make things like Baby's First DNA Model. I kid you not -- it's so dorky that it might just be cool (btw, I wish I could knit).
(via BitchPhD)

UPDATE: or knit a womb!


Heather said...

Thanks, Alice, I needed a good laugh! I had to stop reading You Knit What? so I would not get a stomach ache. If I can find the right needles and yarn I might just go knit up the DNA model for my geeks.

Meghan said...

I once found a website with instructions for how to knit a womb. It was indeed a pink, knitted uterus, complete with ovaries and falopian tubes. I think it was the coolest knitted thing I've ever seen.

Pat Autrey said...

I really would like to find someone to knit two Christmas stockings. I have the pattern. My mom knitted others for my other grandchildren, but now her hands give her too much pain to do needlework. Thanks, Pat

Diane said...

i have been looking for some one who will knit a santa jumper for my partner who has always wanted one. and i can not find please can you help