Monday, November 7, 2005

Overheard in NY...

It's so addicting. Joshua turned me onto the site, and I keep going back...

Cashier lady: How come this rings up as "Homo Milk"?
--K-mart, East 8th Street

Loudspeaker: Aisle 10 is now open for customers with less than a million items.
--Key Food, Astoria

Girl #1: So I want that job as a magician's assistant, but I don't know enough about webpages.
Girl #2: Oh, it's a web design job?
Girl #1: No, I was gonna get cut in half and stuff, but he wants someone who can update his website too.
--L train shuttle bus

Fratboy #1: Let's go to Karma; I heard it's awesome.
Fratboy #2: Yeah, Karma is so much better than Sutra.
--1st Avenue between 3rd & 4th

Teen boy: What are you eating?
Teen girl: It's called...Gateau.
Teen boy: What's Gateau?
Teen girl: Like...fancy French cake.
Teen boy: Sounds Gateau-fabulous.
--N train

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