Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday News Tidbits

They've been looking kinda sketchy for a while, but now it's official: Target is evil. Apparently their employees can refuse to wait on a customer for just about any kooky reason they can come up with. (If you happen to work at Target, I suggest you start refusing to sell fertility aids to religious fanatics because you have a moral problem with children being raised in hateful, intolerant familes.)

Bush is finally being exposed as the lying weasel that he is.

Immigration Pat thinks Bush is ruining the GOP. I think it goes much further than that. Dubya is ruining this country and is putting the entire world at risk -- he's screwing up the economy, environment, creating a breeding ground for terrorists, and failing to take the necessary steps to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of fanatics and nutjobs.

Get out your protest kit! Cheney will be at UTK tomorrow! Shudder.

Paul Krugman talks about health care coverage.

Bill O'Reilly has really gone off the deep end.

And Frank Rich asks what everyone's been wondering: where does Dubya get off claiming that we don't torture when his VP was, at that very time, trying to make sure that US government will continue to support our policy of torture?!? Sheesh -- it's starting to look like these guys aren't even trying to pretend they're not evil anymore.

Does Bill Frist still suffer from the delusion that he has a shot at the presidency?!? Gak. Give it up, Bill. Time to go home. We'll find something for you to do. Maybe you can restart your practice and diagnose more people you've never even met!

And finally: yet another reason to love John Cusask.

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djuggler said...

But Target sells such interesting products! (note: it would seem that the products have since been removed. Good thing I took snapshots of the screens. These were actually listed as products. Probably test data by irresponsible programmers.)