Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good Grief!

First the BiLo grocery started in with holiday-themed merchandise as soon as the halloween stuff came down. And then, after enjoying summer-like temperatures and sunny skies all day yesterday, I saw a Christmas commercial on TV last night. It really has begun. Are you ready? If not, perhaps you'd like to "learn the true meaning of Christmas" by buying something. Make it look how you want! Super pathetic or just kind of pathetic! (via boingboing)


bobw said...

ick. yet further confirmation that it's a good thing to not watch TV or go to the mall. if only Webvan survived, I wouldnt have to go to BiLo either.

susan senator said...

I actually love that little tree. That Charlie Brown show was one of the few things that Jewish kids like me could really enjoy at a time of year when most things were kind of off-limits to us. This is a tree that means something to me, reminds me of Linus' great friendship with Charlie Brown, and how he made all the rest of those peanutty brats be nice. I'm going to set it up right next to my menorah!