Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Endings and Beginnings

I spent the better part of my day today at a funeral. While I would never risk intruding on a family's grief by taking pictures at a service, I did see this image as I was arriving, set some distance away from anyone else. I love the bagpipes. They fit well at both the happiest and saddest moments in our lives; I hear the skirl of bagpipes often at both weddings and funerals (but rarely at anything else, now that I think of it...) and welcome the sound at both occasions. The rich, layered tones find us where we are and raise us up and help us to feel joy -- whether for the life of one just departed or for two lives joined into one.

Travel safely if you will be on the road this holiday weekend, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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jennie (gravits) said...

You have a good holiday too. Nice pic. Bag pipes are very nice and soothing. Sorry it had to be in that setting.