Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ahns

I went to see the Ahn Trio (as part of the Patten Series) tonight and was really blown away. If you have the opportunity to see these sisters live, leap at the chance. It was a beautiful, energetic performance featuring a broad spectrum of musical styles -- we heard everything from more traditional trio music to flat out bluegrass fiddle, Prince's "Purple Rain" and "This Is Not America" from the soundtrack of "Falcon and the Snowman." There was such a variety of styles, and the intimacy of the Roland Hayes Concert Hall let us really enjoy the subtlety and depth that you can only hear in a live performance. Both "Swing Shift" (by Kenji Bunch) and "Mr. Twitty's Chair" (by Katrina Wreede) were thrilling and an encore performance of "Orange Blossom Special" nearly brought down the house.

I was impressed when the Ahns hung around after the performance in the Fine Arts Center lobby to chat with people and sign autographs. The light was poor, but I didn't want to make them self-conscious with my flash, so I took some blurry photos. They don't really do the Ahns justice, but here's one of the less awful ones, with (from left to right) Lucia (piano), Angella (violin), and Maria (cello) greeting the crowd.

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